What I'm grateful for?

Thanks to Thet and Thet for this meme. Deep inside, I am always grateful for the simplest good things I have right now. From the simplest thank you for waking up after a very good sleep to my appreciation of what is happening in my life as these happenings can greatly help me grow as a better person.

Here's my gratitude list:

1.) God. Despite the fact that I did a lot of things that can make Him go nuts, He is always there to comfort my weary soul and lead me to the right direction. He never failed me as He is always there in my most trying times.

2.) Mommy. She is my "Superwoman". She is the ever-forgiving and supportive mom. From coming out to helping me in my most difficult times, she has been supportive. Somehow, we've become each other's strengths. Thanks Ma! I'm your Michael Novotny, and you're my Debbie :-)

3.) My sister, my aunts/uncles, and my grandma. Ever supportive of me, too. No words can say how much I appreciate your presence despite the fact that we are miles away from each other (except for grandma).

4.) My friends - active and inactiveI have a huge circle of friends! The active ones are my support system, always there to talk to and to listen to what I have to say.

5.) I'm grateful for all the love I have in me right now. I am still learning to love though but heck, I'm learning so much! The love from my God, from my family, from my friends, and from this present special person - though I am still in the process of knowing you in a friendly way, you will always be.... hmmm...enough *wink!

6.) Blogger friends - you rock!

Now I'm tagging Mazel and Iris.