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I recently arrived from Puerto Galera and I must say, this trip was the most f**cked up experience ever. It's like my last trip 2 years ago, only this time, I felt a bit miserable. Thanks to the nice sand and cool weather, I was able to get along with nature just fine. I was with my newfound friends when I went their. It felt miserable because I went their despite the fact that a very special person in my heart (grandma) celebrated her 75th birthday the day I left Manila for Mindoro. I made three phone calls to greet her when I arrived on the island. Honestly, I don't want to stay at home and celebrate with relatives due to strict personal grudgy reasons.

The first night was so-so, there were few people lurking around the area. The place was kind off deserted, worst; some of the establishments are undergoing reconstruction due to strict town ordinances given by their mayor.

I was happy because I love the beach and my friend was also their. The friend whom I consider special. I respected him so much that I never meddled into his business the whole day of Friday. Until Friday night.

I got slinged (thanks to Mindoro Sling) on the first night. So slinged it hurted my ego.

To be continued


Coldman said...

good thing you had a great time.

chill =)

mrs.j said...

hmm pruro love ang post ah.. mz yah james!