RATED PG Part Deux: This is it!

"I'm not ready yet.."

Those were the words that came out of his mouth. I do not know if it was a turn down in an instant or a way to say "Let's just be friends". I may have failed the person two weeks ago in performing my "top" duties, but I think this started the closure on his part. His heart is closed for a relationship for the meantime but the things I noticed the day we went to that island paradise, his heart is closed for friendship as well.

The whole Friday afternoon, he never asked nor showed friendliness towards me. Just plain old stares and simple gestures. As if we met there for the first time. But then again, I just thought that this is the paranoia talking to me.

Friday night, we had drinks. I had MORE than that.

I followed him to check and see if there is something happening in a place called "Jurrasic Park". But to my glee he didn't find any prospects there simply because it was deserted. Then we headed back to the bar, the gay nipa hut bar, pun intended, to drink more beer. I want beer to help me drain the alcohol I gurgled a while ago. They want to go home but I insisted for him and his friend to stay. Moments later, this guy who would eat my ego arrived and seated between us. He was 2 years younger and richer. Some kind of a spoiled brat.

The Kryptonite has found his prospect.

to be continued