Queer As Folk: an eye-opener for a 6-year old gay man

Don't be surprised. I know that some of you has seen the whole 5 seasons of the much talked-about gay series "Queer As Folk". Well, honestly, I just finished the second season last December of 2007.

It was indeed an eye-opener for me. It's been 6 years since I came out of the closet and there are things I've seen which occured to me in the past and with the help pf the show particularly the second season, everything became clear to me.

The good thing about QAF, is that it will never fail you, whether you are straight or not.

Forgive me, I'm a late bloomer indeed!


Tey said...

Is that a tv series?... do you thnk we have that here in Toronto?..I wanna watch that.
Hi James..how are you? I miss visiting your site..

mrs.j said...

nice dba?

mas mdmi png eye opener n episodes miz u james!

Nadriamez said...

hi ester! the whole series though american in nature was shot entirely in toronto. it has ended two years ago but is available on dvd..

mrs j: oo nga, hirap manood nito pag medyo heartbroken ka