Going Back To Reality

I am slowly turning back to reality in the last few hours. Well, last weekend, I learned that the person who caught my undying attention in the past month, told me that he is not ready yet. I don't have a problem with that at all, in fact I just realized I've been making things fast lately so a little breather would be best, so as not to put more stress on the situation. We are friends for the meantime. I can live with that plus I've got tons of patience!

Today, I made a note in my dresser, it says:


Forget about ***** for the meantime.
He'll be fine, and so are you!

I'm not sentimental right now, sort of.


marelle said...

Hi, I was blog hopping when I came upon your site. I love your posts. I think it's witty and depicts honesty.

Pink really is the new black. =)

I'll link you in my blog, ok?