Forgive the romantic in me

I am now in the age wherein I am not too young nor too old. This is perhaps the most perfect time to mingle and shrug the word "single" in me. I dated, but to only one person. Exclusively dated one person. After this, I still don't know what will come out of the complicated situation hanging around. We are not ready to take and share our own baggages yet, it is only I who packed my stuff long ago. At the moment, I am studying my sexual side. It is quite difficult for me to study it alone. It is better to explore it with someone else, better than porn. But there is the romantic side of me that says "no" to random sexual encounters. It's just not me at all. Might as well kill the romantic side of me and I'm giving you the knife to do it.

I want you, but I stepped on the brake as you said. We're still on neutral and waiting for more gas.
Again, patience is a virtue and I have tons of it.

This is for you:


Coldman said...

It's fun being single sometimes, but still it is more fun to be with somebody. Hope you could find someone to melt your heart. =)

Nadriamez said...

hi coldman. he already melted it, just waiting in vain :-)

i don't like him, i need someone like him.

it is indeed fun but were not getting any younger