What's Cooking On The PINK side?

Me, and several quality analysts were assigned to cook one special dish for tonight's team Christmas Party. We decided to cook this special kind of beef stew called "pochero" and I took the liberty of creating it "my style"! I'm excited to have it served during our late night lunch!

Our goddamn TV's reception isn’t working well so I decided to switch channels. I need some good TV lovin' while cooking and I stumbled upon the hit TV series from Taiwan: Meteor Garden. Very motherly-like of me to do a simple task of cooking and watching telenovelas.

In the episode, the two main characters were in Barcelona and they are loving/arguing each other. You know the story: for two seasons they keep on handling their differences and stuff. Quite typical. The sad part there is, for the next 30 minutes of watching that thing, I unknowingly got hooked, and felt the emotions the characters are stirring on that episode. I can say it's an effective recipe for people having love-relationship issues: like me.

Then I thought of my friends who in the past got hooked with Taiwanese and Korean TV series. I think I know why they got nuts about them. We are all in search for that special kind of dish in our lives. It’s just sometimes, the one handling the cooking gets to make it delicious, sometimes, indigestible. There are times that they got to spend time together in the kitchen to make the recipe work. Sometimes, the recipe gets stocked in the cold and left for dead.

The recipe I cooked in the past few weeks are still being cooked in the stove, only in low fire. Again, I still have to see. I'm positive that the dish will turn out fine.