Thank you, 2007. Welcome 2008!


The 2007 was truly a blessed and fruitful one. I have reflected on the past years and somehow realized that everyone needs to love and be loved. Love is all the world needs. The past year is also a peaceful one for me. I was able to worry less about everything. Remember: More than 70% of our problems doesn't need a single thought, you have to act on it in order to solve it.

It'll be 3 hours and 2008 is coming our way. It is also my year on the Chinese calendar. This coming new year will be full of hope and full of risks. We are not getting any younger and this time, my heart and my mind needs to experience it all. I will be more open to changes and stimulus around me. This time, I'm ready to face the challenges life has to offer. Risk it all and learn from it, no more what if's.

To all the PINK readers and to all my fellow bloggers especially the memorable bloggers I met this 2007: a big THANK YOU for sharing all of your thoughts, your rants, your aspirations, your frustrations, yourself. I have learned a lot from life because of you. To my all my closest friends, my sincerest appreciation for all the times we spent.

Cheers to a fruitful new year...coming in exactly 3 hours!

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