Hey PINK readers! It's been quite a long time since my last post. I have been very happy despite the fact that in the next 16 working days I will be very busy. Imagine piles of stuff on your computer in the month of December. Not your typical Christmas holiday.
About my latest happenings, I've been juggling work and possibly love life in the past week. I've hosted our Christmas Party at Metrowalk grounds, so if you happen to pass by last December 9 and seen that big white tent outside the Metrowalk grounds, you probably heard my voice that night. It was fun but not that quite.
About the risks, yes I'm still taking everything little by little with the person whom I am not sure if he's into me. I am trying not to show that I am going nuts to him, but definitely sometime this month I will ask him if he's ready to take on the next step. It's only two weeks so there's no rush to it. Maybe next month after the "recreational dating" process has subsided.
One thing that puzzles my mind right now is the question, "Is he the one?" Although he has exceeded my taste and expectations, I am still not sure if he is asking the same question to himself. Right now, I can say that this present date is a definite catch.


Coldman said...

wow, in love! congrats! =)

Nadriamez said...


well, not quite. still in the dating process.

but i have to admit it's emotionally exhausting.