Latter Days

After the quest of risking things last time, I finally got in touch with my higher self again. It took me 3 days of exhausting thinking and analyzing different points of what has happened in the past few days.

Friends are always the best resort when it comes to giving out their ideas on life. Indeed, I realized that life is a bitch, and I will always be her daddy. I just realized that everything in our gay lives will be just like any one night stands. There is little chance for one true love no matter how much effort you put to make things hetero-like.

As I've said before, this is just a start of taking risks, like shopping for that perfect pair of jeans whom you thought was for you but never got along with your favorite shirt. You still get to keep it in your closet full of clothes, but it'll take more time until it goes with any other upper garments you had and you'll have in the future. You bought the pair now and you'll regret it yeah, but at least you've tried to add something to your apparel.

My verdict: Just play along and play more. No matter how exhausting the process is, it's okay. I'm still young to handle such things. Then we'll see it from there.

Something from Babi, whom I will terribly miss once she leaves the office in the next few days, as posted in Multiply account. Thank you dear friend:

"We make decisions everyday. But how many of these choices ended up the way that we want them to? So we ask ourselves what went wrong along the way or…we regret that we made the wrong decision. On the other hand, there are times that we wait, test the waters timidly, and conclude that we’re fine where we are…there will be other opportunities to come. Can we resist from asking ourselves, “What if…?” Some would go with their intuition. Others would weigh the odds. Many people would do both. The truth is, our best laid plans always have the tiniest chance that it will fail and our intuition may deceive us. Me? I toss my 1 peso coin to get it over with! But seriously, whatever it is that I have decided to do, I just prepare myself to accept the outcome. In short, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and have a box of Kleenex (and chocolate!) at my side."


Coldman said...

We should smile more. Life is short. =)

Nadriamez said...

Thank you Coldman. We should and just enjoy with what is in our front doorstep :-)

Remcyl Viloria said...

For me, there is no such thing as a wrong decision, only decisions not very well thought of causing it to end in disaster.

Life is like a game of chess. Before every move, all obstacles must be realized to avoid losing chances of winning. For an opportunity could only come once, which is why the best strategy is what we should be equipped with.

take care