"I'm dressed all in blue, and I'm remembering you.."


The risk has taken its toll.

I've been in love, been happy, been sad, been lonely, and now I'm near having the feeling of being heartbroken. Yes, the person I dated is somehow a heartbreaker in a few ways. He hasn't been different from the previous confused guy years ago. They're exactly the same. Masakit pala sa dibdib, really.

This is not a grudge post.

Somehow I felt contented enough to experience such things. The only dilemma I'm having right now is that this dating process in indeed exhausting, especially in the gay scene. It's quite complicated than the usual hetero ones. Everything is so fast.

I still have to wait until weekend to confirm a few things. Sh** I like this person so much, its just hard to penetrate his world. I'll see. I'm just clueless as of now. I hope it's not paranoia.

Rhett Miller's "Come Around"


Coldman said...

Sabi nga nila, pag ready ka ng umibig, dapat ready ka ring masaktan. Hope all things will go well for you. =)