"Take a bite, it's alright.."

The first of December was a big change. This month was a time of searching and seeking in all the right places. Broadening my horizons was in fact a risk I have to take for it feels like time is ticking away every second. Again, this loneliness has to end and switch to pure, unadulterated happiness.

Fruitcake is somehow symbolic to what I feel right now. Someone has to take a bite of it and taste the flavor it had developed for a long time.

The weekend, particularly the day after my Saturday hang-out with my friends has turned to one fruitful day. I never expected that things will happen all in one day. It started with few innocent glances. This was the first step, the first risk I took that night: I glanced back to him. One thing led to another, I glanced again and smiled back. He did the same. It was intuition. Still unsure of the right feelings, I took the third risk of knowing him by his first name wrapped with a casual handshake.

Our friends left us alone, only to realize after a few minutes that they called it a night.

I said I wanted to know him well. He told me he was also searching for something serious. I can tell he is serious about what he's saying. This person is actually a catch. Fully independent, charming, simple, and of the same wavelength. We have things in common I must say. Another Aquarian, a possible heartbreaker.

The whole day I was in bliss, I submitted my heart onto it. I just said, "What the heck.. I'll worry about my insecurities, my fears later". For the last hours I realized that this person can be the one, but still I'm unsure about it. I have to know more of him.

I am now taking the risk. I should experience it myself, and not relate to other people's relationship mishaps. Be loved, be hurt, be accepted, be rejected; whatever it is, it's okay. It will be okay. Years living in the world of "What if's" are finally over.