Charice Pempengco on Ellen

Mom, I know you've been waiting for this. I could've been like her, I know it's your frustration. It's mine as well. I could've been a young diva when I was her age but I haven't been out at that time.

Charice' appearance at Ellen DeGeneres Show (again, video after the jump)


Coldman said...

Napakagaling ng batang to!
Merry Christmas James!

marco said...

yes i saw that show.. charice was great!!

mrs.j said...

james!!!! i mz u!!!

remcyl said...

this is simply astounding! This is the humblest i've seen of her. Though she needs to work on her English though. or maybe its just her nerves that got her. I mean, I would stutter if Ellen was in front of me. haha Happy Holidays!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi james!

just sending a christmas greeting to one of my most loved friend. :-)

from your friendly neighborhood nurse,
ruff. :-)

and oh, go charisse!