Tougher times ahead

Yeah, life is tough. From your personal things to professional things, it is definitely a bitchy life out there. Life ain't easy.

Last week's deals at work was a tough one. I took a vacation leave to watch Beyoncé.

Little have I known that a day's worth of vacation means an eternity to spend at work. I've never seen so many things at work unfinished. I just said to myself that everything is pending and at the end of the day everything will be done. For whole 8 hours this was my mindset. I thought "Yeah, it's all in the mind".

Then something in my outlook popped out: it's about my employee performance review with the big bosses.

Honestly, that moment, I lost my drive. I trembled inside and became paranoid of what they have to say about my performance in the past 6 months as an analyst. For 15 minutes, I lost my mind literally.

Then, everyone jumped in the call. Then came a flashback of what happened in the past months. After more than 30 minutes of the talk, I regained my balance and the drive to keep things done. I was speechless and at the same time it felt euphoric inside. Guess I won't be leaving my job in the next 12 months.