This month's serving of THOUGHTS TO PONDER

"Lead me not to temptation...

...I already know the way."

My question: Does anyone know the way how to get there? Tell me!

Talk about temptation, I have my own share of "tempting" moments. I actually experience it many times in a week; it's just that I'm always stuck in the situation where my higher self is more powerful than my earthly presence. My mind is so powerful that there are times I end up regretting the things that I could've done while having the precious opportunity. I actually don't regret much, instead, to be more contented about it, I simply thank the powerful forces around me for not biting into it. Maybe next month, I might take a few bites. Maybe.


Coldman said...

Pasensya ka na di ko rin alam e, masyado pa akong inosente sa mga ganyan. Hahaha!

Nadriamez said...

Ayus lang. Bakit di natin puntahan minsan, samahan mo ako? Pareho lang tayong inosente :D