Taking the risk - for real


My officemate told me last week that his former officemate will try to set up a casual date with their former co-worker in Makati. I instantly said "No" because I told him I'm not ready. The next time he asked me, again, I said "No". This time, my reason is I'm not that confident to face him, plus I'm just average looking.

The third time he mentioned the casual date set up, I immediately said "Okay, I'll take the risk". It's now up to me when, where, and how we will plan this. Hopefully, its a group date.

Dating is not on my list. I would consider it be labeled by other names but not dating. It takes my confidence away. It would also be better if it'll be a casual date with friends. It can be happier and less intimate.

Being with my friends lessens the risk of me appearing like a sore loser in dating and possibly opening a new relationship. Something came to me when I finally agreed to the plan: its 2008, when was your last? 2002? 2003? I will take the risk and start something in the dating scene. It's been years since my last and I don't know what's hot and what's not in the dating scene nowadays.

I'm turning 24 in the next 7 months and I'm not getting any younger. I guess I'm ready to take on the challenge and see for myself.



JIMG29 said...

be daring and enjoy whatever come your way.
all the best!