Pickled for a week

It’s been a while since my last post. I decided to keep everything that has happened since last week and somehow pickled them for myself. These are the times that are far more exciting than blogging. I will never stop blogging and this pink blog will always be updated.

I was busy and at the same time having simple pleasures from life; like taking a deep breathe, walking around while listening to Mama Cass’ songs, and chatting with long lost friends and acquaintances.

Oh, I also danced a bit more than seven days ago. Here’s a picture below of what Bed had for me that night. It was a bit dull, but thanks to the blue drink I ordered at the bar, it gave me the intoxication I need. It was also a memorable night, for I was with someone who knows the place very well, he guided a newbie like me very well. I hope things are okay on your end.

The next day, I went to our grade school reunion. Now they know the full-blown gay person in me, didn’t surprise them much but the weight-loss did caused a few questions. Of course, the secret to a fit body: that I will never tell in a reunion for it can be very awkward. It was a fun and intimate night with my school buddies, back when I was still the person who courts girls. It was also a night of booze, scattered in the table, the picture below:

The work week was short. I actually crammed 5 days worth of work in 3 days. That’s a lot of cramming I must say, but having a long weekend to redeem my youthful glow was really worth it. I’ve been to places I used to hang out: near Scout Castor, Tomas Morato area. Visited Bound Books and News Desk near Café Carabana.

I spent two days with my friends Ayi and Caloy. Thank you guys for bringing me to this arts and crafts exhibit in SMX.

I never thought that huge exhibits like this can be an ideal spot for flirting and enticing gay men. I enjoyed the exhibit in a clean way really, I’m into arts, not into other nasty things.

After the exhibit, we went straight to CCP to watch “Insiang”. Loved it the second time, I actually have a picture with the beautiful actress who played the lead role and the lead role’s mother below:

This is the jologs side of me. Manood daw ulit ako sabi nilang dalawa. We'll see :-)

Hmmm…end of month is coming, it’ll be December in a few days. I’m ready to face the challenge ahead.

Just seen "Beautiful Thing"... very touching