I blog-hopped through Thet's site and seen her newest addition to her blogging powers: Bloggertizer!

Yes, she recently got a PR4 in her famous blog and signed in to be one of the Bloggertizer's newest members. I'm proud to say that she is so good in blogging about the things she love.

I just signed-up with Bloggertizer and found so many good things about it and I am pretty excited about the way they handle advertisers and bloggers as well. I can't wait to check my messages and see new opportunities from Bloggertizer. What I’ve seen is that interested advertisers can contact you through their messaging system and once contacted, you and the advertisers will establish the terms of the deal and its totally up to you to decide on how you will work on the posts requested. Their process will help everyone in the Bloggertizer community which bloggers are the best and the most reliable people to work with. Isn’t that sweet?


mrs.j said...
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mrs.j said...

alam mo bet k sia.. pero di ko magets...im not techi kasi haha


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