The Leandro Okabe Experiment

I'd like to do this little experiment in my blog to see if this will boost up the traffic. Some of you may know this uberly hot hunk from Brazil named "Leandro Okabe" also known as "Leandro Bulhoes". I miss seeing him in my blog so I'd like to take this opportunity to post few of his pictures. I've been searching for new pictures of him but lately, I haven't seen anything new from the modeling world.

Enjoy and we'll see :-)


I just learned from my previous office mate that the confused guy is now out of the country. Apparently, he will soon be married according to my source. I'm over him really, but the fact that I wasn't able to talk to him to straighten things out did not happen, it made me quite frustrated. Another cycle in my life wherein there was no formal closure between us. I'm genuinely happy for him though.


JIMG29 said...

aren't brazilian so hot? try he might be there.

i like him too

Anonymous said...

he's not all brazilian, he's half japanese too

Anonymous said...

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