Lead By Example

MERALCO (the Philippines' major power supplier) has always been reminding us to save and conserve power. Over the years, the price of electricity has been a pain in every Filipino's wallets.

If you happen to pass by Ortigas Avenue by night from Medical City to Ortigas Building, you will see a wonderland of Christmas lights garnished around the Main Office premises. It's actually an overkill of bulbs on my opinion.

It ain't right. That's only the facade of MERALCO building, you should wander around the back, there are more lights to see.

Since we are paying for all of these meaningless electricity charges every month (even a random highly educated Filipino doesn't know what each anonymously-named charges mean) and MERALCO is teaching everyone in the country to conserve energy, they should lead by example by not consuming ridiculous amounts of electricity to light up the whole place.

They should, right?