James Blank-o

The previous weekend was spent in a traditional way with my mom, talking about decorations for the upcoming Christmas celebration. I love decorating (which is normal to gay people). If God decides to end all things on earth, He will let the gay people come in to Heaven first to do some decorations: put some laser lights, bubble machines and other party things to make sure everything will be colorful once the good straight people arrives, the place will be ready for one truly gay (General Patronage) party.
Forgive me for this post, I am currently under the influence of pain killers. I had a gym mishap yesterday while doing dead lifts. I was in terrible pain. Good thing, I have a gym buddy who is a doctor. She prescribed me two strong drugs to help ease the pain. I told her I need the pain to go away before Beyonce's concert tomorrow. I love the numbness on my back. Side effects: irritation to good-looking people and bitchy officemates.

Beyonce Knowles arrives today for her one night concert tomorrow at The Fort (from Inquirer.net)
MORE pictures of Beyonce Knowles below. She looked tired but she still smiled and all.

I hope I will come up with more fiber-rich posts. I'm getting ga-ga now, tomorrow it'll be B-Day for me!


To all blog-hoppers, thanks for coming, I'll get back to you and visit your blogs as soon as I can! Mwah!