Flaws and all

My grandmother used to work as a house helper when she was younger. I believe that was her first job when she moved to Manila from Cebu. She was one of the earliest people who moved to the highly-urbanized city in Luzon that time to search for a better life.

One of the kids whom grandma used to babysit visited her today. Of course the kid is now a grown-up man whom I learned was a filthy-rich guy who lived in New Manila. He was accompanied by his daughter who used to be mom's playmate before.

While we were conversing about their wondrous happenings in life, she asked me what my height was. I simply answered "about 5 feet 9 inches".

Then she told me that I could be a Flight Attendant with this height. Whoa! Then I answered back about my flaws with my posture and stuff. Yeah, I can be an FA with my not-so-towering height and with my size which can be an asset when it comes to mobility inside the plane, but I still have to work on a lot of stuff to make myself a celebrity-perfect person.

Minutes after they left for the church, I took a picture of myself smiling like a PAL Flight Attendant:

Philippine Airlines is all about smiles, and I need braces to fix my teeth, which could take years before my teeth becomes toothbrush-ad perfect! My face, I still have to get rid of some blemishes and warts to have the close-to-perfection skin. These are just some of the flaws. Aside from having the right height, I can also modulate my voice and keep myself afloat in water for hours. I really have to work on looking perfect on the outside to be a Flight Attendant.

I can be one but not now. Not until I gain the right muscles in my cheek to hold my smile for hours.

If I fixed all of these flaws in me to become a certified FA understudy, my face should look like this:

I forgot: no pouting on the plane for attendants.


mrs.j said...

hmmm at magpanunal ganda na!

Nadriamez said...

hehehe naman! :-)

ate, sabay kayo ni thet nag tag so isa isa lang muna ang post :-)

Macky said...

thanks sa link! ang cute mo naman sa pic. no joke. hehe...

Nadriamez said...

ayun :-)