Decorating for Christmas can harm your health

I didn't report for work yesterday due to excruciating pains in my back. It's been a week since my gym mishap happened while doing deadlifts, then my squats triggered a slight pain, making me realized that the injury is still there, hadn't healed yet.

I took a lot of meds last Saturday before going to sleep, and then after 10 hours of sleep, I decided to decorate my pink home once and for all. Since ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID is up and running, it gave me the drive to spice up the holiday spirit at my home base sans the back pains.

I started strangling our tall and thin Christmas tree with 300 rice lights. Then I placed white poinsettia's one by one, then the icicles and the golden balls into it. Lastly, the golden star and VOILA! We'll have a white Christmas this season of 2007!

Then I focused on the outside and installed the lantern made from capiz shells, more rice lights, and few lighted stars on the garage. Installing the lights outside triggered slight back pains because the utility ladder is too short for me, I had to extend my arms to get a better hold of things. Well, after a few hours of figuring out where to plug these lights and a visit to the hardware for more plug extensions, here's how it looked outside:

I still need approval from mom when she comes over for weekend.

I got tired from decorating I dozed for another 10 hours, without taking medication. Monday noon I woke up and can't get up. I hate it!


mrs.j said...

wow.. ame tayo ng motiff white xmas tree.. uy mz u neng!