Come Around

At my age, I fear of becoming a spinster. I know it is too early to think this way, but I can still remember the day I bid goodbye to love and enjoy the single blessedness. (And yeah, I told my aunt about my fear of growing old alone when I was 20) Lately, I've grown weary of this state and now there is this great longingness in me to seek and find that feeling: the feeling of unexplained happiness from someone that makes you live each day in pure positiveness.

I'll date soon. No matter what it takes.

I'm now announcing this to the world: room for rent. LOL


migs, the manila gay guy said...

That's more like it, James!

Best of luck! Whoever wins you is one lucky guy ;)


Nadriamez said...

Hehehe..thank you very much :-)

Its going to be a rough start for me. Isn't this a coincidence, you currenly have this "approach" post on your site.

Love hunting starts December.

Angie said...

Enjoy the hunt James.
Best of luck. =)

JIMG29 said...

uso pa ba ang lamyer-hadahan along Manila City Hall or Roxas Blvd? ingat ka lang sa holdap.