Can't Get Over Beyoncé


I am hoping that this feeling would go away next week when I watch “Insiang”. Honestly, I have this feeling of regret. Why? I could’ve bought a more expensive ticket to see Beyoncé Knowles at a nearer area such as the VIP seats. Nah, it’s much better if you watch it with your friends, right? The more the merrier. I just watch in envy with the better videos (below) from Filipino fans. They were so near, they must be from the “naghaharing uri” class. Pwe! (Bitterness follows hehehehe)

Okay, now I feel better. The Beyoncé Experience hasn’t been gone in my system. I know it’s been two days, I continuously reminisce the way she sang “Irreplaceable” and the way she loved the Manila audience. That night was perfect, there was no rain, the skies were clear and oh my god, I haven’t seen so many gay people in my life. Promise!

I enjoyed watching it with my friend Josh, who is a Beyoncé fanatic (I myself am now a converted fanatic). He is the person whom I entrust my talent in dancing. He is my Shakira in “Beautiful Liar”. LOL

Beyoncé, please come back when you release your next album; make sure to include Manila again in your tour list. I’ll save more the next time...

(This is the frustrations of an envious but voluptuous fanatic, pasensya na po)

get the audio format of Irreplaceable Live in Manila here!
She's now in Korea for a 2 night concert --


mrs.j said...

move on na... haha sa insiang kana mabaliw.. congratz!