B-Day - The Beyoncé Experience in Manila


Last night's concert of Beyoncé here in Manila was the biggest concert event I've been to. It was actually my first concert I attended featuring a phenomenal international artist. The more-than-an-hour wait was worth it and I love how the weather agreed to my positive thinking that it will never rain on the night of her concert.

Beyoncé performing for the opening act at The Fort, Manila, Philippines (November 7, 2007)

Funny how everyone in the field was all silent especially the people around us that night. They were just chatting before the show, and once Beyoncé went out on stage, everyone has become a "screaming fag" themselves. It was really funny, I myself was screaming aside from making nasty comments about our situation. She was too far from us, we can't afford to get VIP tickets.

That night was a big grand eyeball of men and women: gays included. There were 70,000 people that night.

Anyway, the show was a blast. The stage was too low, good thing there were lots of big screens for small people to see. I loved her Destiny's Child medleys. It made me think that even before Beyoncé made her career move as a single artist, she was Destiny's Child herself, I mean, every singing part in their hit songs, she has the most stanzas sung. Oh, and the last song "Irreplaceable", Beyoncé let the crowd sing the first stanza! She loved the audience so much. We loved her too!

I felt disappointed, she didn't perform my favorite "Get Me Bodied". I was expecting her to drop to her knees and wind it back and shake it like that (ally cat!) Hehehe, watch the video "Get Me Bodied" to the upper right.

Beyoncé said there are lots of beautiful people in the audience, we screamed: "I know.."

"Manila..you're irreplaceable.." - sabi ng ate kong si Beyoncé towards the end of the song


manong calbo said...

a ha! Lam ko na kung bakit masakit katawan mo :P

mrs.j said...

bakit masakit ang katawan?!!

o well sa sinabi niang manila ur irreplaceable... d nia kaya sinabi un sa lahat meaning..

japan your irrplaceable
india ur irreplaceable...

i mean?! diba?!

pero inggit ako sayo!!

jmkissme said...

Lucky :)) I hope we are going to be a part of her Run The World Tour :))