I'm now having a hard time deciding whether or not push thru with the Thanksgiving holiday I scheduled two months ago. It's a 4-day holiday and right now, I am thinking of the pros and cons of not going to Baguio and spend time with family. It'll be four days of no activity at all (which I really hate doing).

What to do just in case? Well, some of these ideas popped in my mind a while ago:

Reading Migs' latest post about Bea-John Lloyd's lates romantic flick "One More Chance" made me curious, so I might see it in the nearest movie house over the weekend.

Concentrate in more chocolates for Christmas. A lot of people will be in a very happy mood this coming Christmas season, so I might take advantage of the feeling, making them order my chocolates!

Plan the holiday season ahead, though I know it will be very shitty.

OPTIONAL: Cancel the Thursday leave and report for work. Might cancel Friday as well. This will save me two VL's for Christmas!

What else? Hmmm.. any more ideas?