What the f**k is Leandro Okabe doing here?


Well, I just thought that his killer smile (and his oh-so-yummy bod) would generate blog traffic. My gayness meter at its peak!
trivia: This is the first time I posted a picture of a hunk in my blog. I am a choosy person. He exceeded my expectations!

Now this smile - reminds me of someone. Sh*t!

forgive me mom :-)

I know for a fact that these pictures have been posted to millions of blogs around the world. I wonder where Leandro Okabe is now? (Since he worked as a model here in Asia especially in Thailand!). This Brazillian-Japanese model from Sau Paolo has made a good impression.. to me and to a lot of women (and men - gay men!). If he is Thailand right now, I will definitely go there and see this God's work of art in person.


Anonymous said...

ayyyyyy ano ba yan... super naman yan sa guwapo... grabe!!!! pede ba yan i-take home?..lols

Anonymous said...

the uber hotness leandro okabe, i think you should meet misterhubs, he's a great admirer mo the man.

oooohhh... this guy makes me weak, just like my partner. hehehehe!

nice blog by the way. ex links?

PINKisthenewBLACK said...

go ahead mikoy :-)let's link up!

yeah i heard misterhubs is the legal wifey of leandro LOL

ester - he's perfect, i actually have a long time crush who smiles just exactly like him, a lot of facial similarities. its just that this leandro is uber toned than him.

honestly, i'm in LOVE with this Mr. Okabe... forgive me Misterhubs :-)

i just f*ck*ng admire him...

Anonymous said...

tell me who wont admire him