I just woke up. Tired from last Saturday's reunion with my school paper friends, The Trinity Observer. It was a night of recollecting memories and catching up with a lot of stuff. The said event did not even made me tired, its actually more in the mind and soul. No further explanation needed. I actually envy some of them because they are now working in different media outfits, keeping their long time passions in life continuously flourishing over the years.

Sh*t, I don't feel like blogging. Creative juices at the all-time low

And now the pictures c/o Ayi!

with caloy

dian and kim

with sir dynes

sir glenn (tech adviser), ikoy, and tj

stolen eating moments

what the f*ck!

with gaylord

stolen with kim, ronald, me, jeekee and ayi

pareng ikoy

photo opportunity 1

photo opportunity 2

the whole gang

dian, meryl, ayi, me

with Ayi

Cheers to Trinity Observer! Cheers to Ayi and Caloy who made this night possible. It was indeed a very gay affair. Till next time!