In the light of upcoming home improvements next month, we decided to make three top priorities: the ceiling, the wooded stairs, and the 2nd level floors. The floor especially in the bedrooms upstairs have been destroyed a bit due to furniture transfers and few minor mishaps from applying cleaning solutions and polishers.

I love the feel of my feet onto a wooden floor, but there are few things I discovered about it. First, some parts of the wood lamination are gone; and second, it is slowly turning into a huge jigsaw puzzle! Pieces of wood tiles are moving and sometimes, they fall out of place.

In the upcoming home improvement task, we wanted to make sure that everything goes with the budget. Saving money on floor renovations can be a money saving idea that's wh
y I made some researches over the net for articles on flooring how to's (for care and maintenance and other general stuff), and do's and don'ts in having a lasting wooden floor. There are also helpful ideas available for refitting, prevention of "wear and tear", and other useful tips and ideas like refinishing wood floors (I never thought of "liquid" sanding before) and ideas for the right kind of lacquer. DIY has never been this easy!