Thoughts to Ponder

"the basic cause of loneliness is the excessive
desire to be loved;
for this creates an atmosphere of lovelessness.
the more we seek to be loved,
the less we are loved..
the less we are loved, the less lovable we become..
and the less lovable we become, the less capable we become of loving anyone else..
like a bird caught in a net,
we deepen our own tragedy"

Fulton Sheen


I am so wasted!

This funny thought of mine has been bugging me for years. Again, I am saying this to you: I never had a good relationship with someone for almost 5 years. Flings and flirting around has been a daily habit after the my last relationship tragically ended. Then I became tired of it. Until I focused at my own career, making love the least of my priorities.

I'm a very choosy guy I guess. Being choosy is not good. It's like going to a big buffet trying out every food on the table, until your taste buds are confused, you'll end up feeling full, but you're not satisfied. Sad state isn't it?

Everyone around me has someone in their lives, and I am genuinely happy for them. I may look bitter at this frustrating situation but feeling good about others can be rewarding. But then again, you have to look at yourself and assess what the real deal is: how about your heart?

I think 5 years is enough to move on and start anew. I now officially open myself to endless possibilities. Whoever comes my way, I will give it time and special attention. I need to get out in this tangled net I made for myself. ASAP.