My creative juices again is at its all time low, but Ester gave me something wonderful 3 days ago.

Thank you very much :-) It is greatly appreciated. I now share this badge to Coldman, Thet, Aian, Kulyan, and Lexi. Good day everyone.
I stumbled upon my semi-organized room. I tried to clean some of my stuff inside my bedroom. I fixed some of my precious and few not-so-precious items: DVDs, Audio CDs, bills, brochures, my photos, and some gadgets. I tried to arrange my CD collection and somewhere in the process I found this CD.
THE ART OF LETTING GO by Universal Records.
I tried to throw it but I said to myself, It'll come in handy, especially when the sentimental and mushy moment comes. When I woke up, I saw this CD again, waving hello to me, saying "Hey! Wanna let go of some things?"
Yeah, I will let go of some things. Maybe in the next few hours, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in a day or two. I just don't have the time to let go for now, cause there is nothing to let go of. They did theirs, I did mine, it's just that mine is more destructive. The price you have to pay for being beautiful and attractive. (Laughing Out Loud!)
Beauty has indeed a price of its own, and I'm still paying for it in installments!


Coldman said...

wow! touch naman ako. Thanks bro!