I came, I saw, I conquered.

Yes, I am now a full-fledged blogger who's into theater arts. I was once part of the auditions and rehearsals for "Exodo" with Ateneo's Entablado. Due to serious reasons, I had to quit rehearsals. It was one of the saddest chapters of my life: choosing between family and passion.

This time, no one's gonna stop from this!

After receiving a call from Gibbs to confirm the invitation to Theater Talk c/o Floy Quintos (who is a multi-awarded writer-director in the PH), I immediately pictured myself in a crowd full of bloggers and theater people. What happened tonight was exactly what I had in mind: it was awe

I've never seen so many people with so much passion in the arts. I've never been this envious with these people who take pride in what they do. And of course, I had never felt the feeling of conversing and chatting with theater people. Somehow what I felt was mixed-emotions because: 1) Out of the 20+ people who showed up, only McVie was the most familiar one 2) I somehow lost my drive to carry myself in an unfamiliar territory 3) I might become a wallflower and appear geeky! These thoughts are in my mind until McVie started introducing everyone and the master himself, Floy Quintos.

Floy did a great overview of what theater is all about and how's it going for the industry nowadays. It takes a lot of passion and power to appreciate theater. I believe only small number of people in the society has access to it. Anyway, Floy did a great job of getting us familiar with the work-arounds of the theater biz and commercializing it for a memorable experience to every enthusiast and the common audience.

Some of the notes I took down that somehow managed to stay at the back of my mind was that "Theater is and enter the world the play brings you.. Rid your minds of cant! (syn: cobwebs).

Theater is indeed an alternative world, and as an audience, one has to open himself to this world. Learn the craft, learn to appreciate the director's vision, the actors' interpretation and attack on their roles. Everything was covered, it was like Theater 101 for me.

Floy had all my attention for full two hours of the talk. He gave us (I consider myself a commoner in the theater world) a grasp of what it takes to appreciate theater and the memorable experiences that goes with it.

Ahh..mind's too tired to type everything I've learned from the talk. But one thing's for sure: I had to experience theater myself.

Cheers to you Floy! Same to Karla, Migs, and Gibbs.

And now to start appreciating theater, I will watch "Insiang" on November 16. I am looking forward to see it with new eyes.


Thanks to Gibbs Cadiz for the 2 tickets for "Insiang". The moment he showed us the prize (there was a raffle draw of prizes after the talk), I simply moaned "Shit! Insiang!"

And my name was called. Talk about positive forces and the spirit of the book "The Secret" working with me.

"Naihi ako ng three drops sa tuwa! Yay!"

Deep inside, I am shouting with glee for winning these tickets! Thanks to AJ for the tip, I will arrive an hour prior to start of the show.

I have to see the movie first!

To Mrs J and UST theater org/company, again, thank you for the time and again, the company! Mrs J saved me from being a wallflower throughout the snack time after the talk. Jaime: I have to attend a summer workshop first. I need a good foundation before anything else :-)

To Chris, for reminding me that it's never too late to be a theater actor.


Coldman said...

wow! ibang level ka na!

gibbs cadiz said...

hi andrian, thanks for the comment in my blog. wow, first one to blog about the event! glad you had fun. salamat for participating--much, much appreciated. enjoy insiang! or should i say, see ya there. :)

migs, the manila gay guy said...

Cheers, James! I really want to thank you for the regular comments you leave in my blog. Salamat!

mrs.j said...


ah... sobrang appreciated ko nmn ang ginawa so happy that your passion for theatre was back... hope to see you again and talk more about the arts...and ofcourse leandro okabe! haha u tc... and never stop learning!

goddess said...

may pictures pa talaga namin..

at with special participation of.. SECRET! waahahahah!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Andrian: I didn't think anyone would post the day after the event, and I'm so impressed that you did. Thanks for attending the theater talk and enjoy the play! ;p

PINKisthenewBLACK said...

gibbs: i have to see you there, you have my EXCLUSIVE passes for two! feels great to unwind and mingle with the people from the arts. it's quite relaxing actually - you did a great job! mauulit ito for sure :-)

migs: not only did i peed three drops reading your FIRST EVER comment in one of my post (*FAINTS), i feel honored that i attended your (..karla & gibbs) event. i know you're there migs, i just don't know which one of the 20+ people. misteryosa! love your site as always, been a fan since day one.

mrs j and goddess: may kaibigan na ulit akong taga-teatro sa katauhan ng dreamgirls! mabuhay kayo!

goddess: why'd you have to say that? LOL

karla: will link you up in my blog. again, it is my pleasure meeting pinoy blog pioneers like you, gibbs, mcvie (and migs? hehe) last night. thank you :-)

joelmcvie said...

Huy hindi ako pioneer, hahaha! Matanda lang ako, pero hindi ako pioneer sa blogging. :-)

I'm glad you attended the event. Sorry at busi-busyhan ako that night. At least you got to mingle with the other bloggers as well.

mrs.j said...

hmmm... sinsabi ko na nga...

PINKisthenewBLACK said...

MCVIE! - Sige na nga, amateur na lang hehehe :-)

It's okay, at least I was able to see a you hosting a bit!

Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you there! Hope you enjoy Insiang :D

Anonymous said...

Hi nice seeing you doon! Kaya pala familiar yung face mo kasi nakapunta na ako sa blog mo hehe..anyway congrats sa tickets(i got the beauty make-over...huhu) see yah on another events again!