Nostalgic Sunday

Reminiscing and thinking of the olden days is the best way to de-stress oneself. I did mine with an 18-hour sleep, thanks to my aunt's sleeping pill. I was feeling a bit feverish when I arrived from the gym yesterday morning so I needed to pop a pill. I never had a pill in months; I take one whenever there's a GREAT need.
When I woke up this morning, I immediately browsed Wikimapia. I don't know why I typed in the word "Corregidor". And then the tadpole-shaped island appeared on my screen. I just missed the summer I had last May with few of our American clients. Then the geeky side of me instructed me to add a place: Hooker Point! (Sceenshot Below)
Corregidor Island (Aerial Photo Shot Pre War)
Last summer's Corregidor visit is one of the most therapeutic and emotional experiences I had this year. This island is historical because there were lots of lives lost in this once-war fortress during World War II.

Viewing all the pre and post war pics of Corregidor had me wanting to go again: only this time, alone. I don't know why, but there is this emotional side of me that says "hey you, try traveling alone, try Corregidor and sort out your mixed feelings for now".
Life is a indeed a battlefield.
I've a lot of really old pictures and I want to share them (and my pics too!)
ABOVE: Fort Mills Theatre Pre-War
BELOW: Fort Mills Theater taken last May 2007

One of Corregidor batteries (BEFORE post war and AFTER post war)

ABOVE: My shot of Mile-Long Barrack and the detailed facade of one of the barrack windows
BELOW: The Mile-Long Barrack pre-war picture
I really want to go back to the place where Pinoys and Americans unite against the Japanese forces. To see the ruins, the landmarks who have seen the turmoil more than 50 years ago. If I were to see the place again this year, I'll visit these places for a more detailed look:

More Batteries (I heard there's more)
The Mile Long Barracks and its insides
The Fort Mills Theatre
The Disappearing Guns
The Malinta Tunnel Night Experience (Yeah, I had the Day Tour. Enjoyed it but I want more!)
ABOVE: The Malinta Tunnel pre-war (with General and Mrs. MacArthur coming out of the tunnel)
BELOW: Malinta Tunnel now.

Perhaps, a night tour around the island!
Malinta Tunnel Lights and Sound Show

American Soldiers at the Malinta Tunnel

Mass inside the Malinta Tunnel
General MacArthur and General Sutherland at USAFFEE Headquarters inside Malinta Tunnel

Chenney Battery pre-war (I want to see this again!)

Present War Memorials found in Corregidor

The last picture below I found over the Internet was a more intriguing one. This is a shot of American and Filipino soldiers rushing inside the Malinta Tunnel during a Japanese air raid. You can see the action and the suspense happening when this shot was taken.
If I have the money, I would make a movie about Corregidor. Something like 'Pearl Harbor'. It could be a nice idea.

Corregidor BBC Newsreel


[ lexi ] said...

i was fortunate to travel all over corregidor when i was on my 6th grade. thanks to my dad's friend who invited us and let us see a place full of history ;p it was sooo memorable!

i would still say this [place] is better than vietnam's war remnants museum :)

stay safe!

JIMG29 said...

thanks for posting this, now I'm all tears...