The office is slowly turning itself into a hellish experience, not with the office staff, but the workload (and tons of it actually) now that the month of October is coming to a closure. This is the only October where I missed one Oktoberfest event since I tasted beer, professionally.

San Mig Light is always the best for someone who limits himself to 500 calories from booze.

A bottle of SML has 100 calories, so that gives me 5 servings! That can be changed depending on my mood.

I had my first glass of cold beer when I was 4 years old, when dad was showing off to his comrades in the AFP that his son is manly enough at his young age to drink booze. Luckily, I did not become the young Drew Barrymore we knew.

Okay. Why hellish? Because I was immersed in people full of demands (these people are the higher authorities), so demanding that my colleague almost quit her job. I'm thankful she didn't wave the white flag yet. If life is a battlefield, office life is world war.

I'm still happy and surviving, for now.



How to get rid of stress in Pink style?


To de-stress myself, I had to spend hours in the gym while listening to Keisha Cole and P Diddy's "Last Night" and Timbaland's "The Way I Are" in different mixes. Then cool down with Sergio Mendes and The Police.

Then drink lots of green tea and low-fat milk. Pineapple juice works too. Eat banana cake, vegetables, egg albumins, and sweets from time to time.

If all else fails, light a bum once in a while (Oops, PG-13!)

Book a concert perhaps. I just did for the Beyonce Experience at the Fort on the 7th of November.

Gather around a group of bloggers and mingle with them. Be sure you're invited! (Like this coming Saturday at PETA!)Woo-hoo!

Fix your closet, your drawer, and your vanity table. Throw old moisturizers and cleansers. It could be very good for your mind and your soul.

Never go on shopping to de-stress yourself, you'll end up buying more and giving yourself a bad credit. I did that last year and I won't do it again.

Count your blessings. Don't use your hands, use a hundred popsicle sticks and write it there.

Think of the upcoming holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Book your vacation leave 2 months prior to these days for less stress.

Sing like nobody's around. I always do this and it actually works! Get your iPod, look for the song that brings out the positive vibe on you, then hit Google and search for the lyrics of the song you've chosen. Then sing your hearts out. To make the most out of it, try to dance. I just did mine with "Get Me Bodied" by Beyonce Knowles!

Lastly, sneak up with your boss and publish a new post for your blog. It'll help loosen your mind a bit. Free your mind!