We have a family business that started last January. Its a biz that started through word of mouth amongst our friends in Baguio. So my parents asked me to make a website to let the present customers know that we have business online site, and it was named after the business Nuts About Chocolate by Wil & Grace (my dad and mom's name respectively, just look for the links section on the right).

The website started in just before Valentines Day, so it was a busy month for me. I never thought that chocolates can be a very good business especially on holidays and special occassions. Indeed, its a 'sweet thing'.

Then word of mouth about the website expanded in Baguio and even in my office in Manila. Everyone asked me if we could put up an
ecommerce software that can speed up orders online. That's why my aunts from down under suggested to have Ashop Ecommerce in our biz website. That means, we need to have a shopping cart software!

I find Ashop's services manageable and easy to use especially for a first-timer like me, plus I can easily manage this one once our site turns 1 year (who knows, I might be in Aussie next year managing it online!). I might not be directly involved with the chocolate making next year, but at least managing each customer's online shopping cart can be an ease. I am confident with Ashop bacause of their technical support that's ready to give out the total solution you need.