HOW MUCH DO THEY KNOW ABOUT YOU? - and other stuff

I missed posting quizzes and surveys in this pink blog. Before the birth of this pink blog, I used to post quizzes from co-bloggers (usually tagged LOL) or from different quiz and survey generating sites.

I found something better and more personalized type of making blog quiz and surveys. Almost anything and everything under the sun.

Are you addicted to anime? Quibblo has something for Naruto addicts out there. You may join them in their Naruto quizzes or maybe browse through their website and look for the most popular ones or by category. They also have quiz forums and discussions - which makes it more than your ordinary quiz generating site. It's totally interactive!
Time to make my own quiz about gayhood! Or about myself :-)


ester said...

I got something for u again visit me at

if u r going to migrate in Australia or Canada im sure you will make it kasi single ka.. pero legal ang gay marriage dito sa Canada so makakapag asawa ka... pero super lamig nga lang dito unlike sa Australia maganda ang weather