Hatcher's Remark on Filipino Doctors: Racial Slur?

Well, watch it first.

Now my reaction:
It kind of hurt with what she said: "Can I just check those diplomas because I just want to make sure that they are not from some med school in the Philippines.". It was very uncalled for. Teri Hatcher's comment is actually in the script and was spoon-fed to her by the writers of Desperate Housewives. It was supposed to be funny, but to me as a Filipino, it hurted, again, a bit. Probably a lot of Filipinos especially in the medical field, are insulted (I too was insulted, I am one of them). I'm not going to tell why I'm insulted but I do hope that this will be an eye-opener to everyone here in the Philippines; doctors, medical practitioners, nurses, doctors-turned-nurses, medical technologists, and many many more. Yes we have good nurses, how about doctors? Do we have a handful to cater the ever-growing needs of the people in the Philippines?

Yes, hurtful words but true.

Isn't it time to raise our consciousness and see the real score in the Philippine medical world?

Trivia: Before I made the "controversial grand exit" in med school in 2005, 10 hospitals closed down due to lack of doctors and nurses. Most of them, went out of the country to become full time nurses, including doctors - some of them, to become full time nurses.

What a sad, sad state.


ester said...

that is not very very nice....sama naman nun...

Coldman said...

constructive criticism? might be. I thought we have good doctors. Too bad.....

Nadriamez said...

ester: yeah it was, especially for me.

coldman: i always see, any words or thoughts, either positive or negative that's been said about us filipinos in the past as constructive criticisms. if you've seen the news, many people reacted, including the philippine med community. it's okay but i guess they're not thinking out of the box..