Forgive me if I morph into one of the DH's characters

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On the other hand, I think that most Filipinos are getting "over-reacting" to this racial slur issue on the Desperate Housewives Season 4 opener. Have we Pinoys didn't make such slurs towards Americans or to other nationalities? Did you ever think how someone from a very stinky country smells when you get to see them in your neighborhood? Or have you ever thought of how such race survive without taking a bath for days?
We all have this sickness dude. Truth hurts, its just how you accept it no matter how stinky your habits and customs are. We are all racists in our own right, we're just insensitive about it.


Coldman said...

hahaha! pwede!

Nadriamez said...


kala ko papatayin mo na ako eh, kaya nga hindi ako naglalabas lately :-)