At last, a post that speaks what is actually going on in my mind.

I am actually super busy at the office right now. There are so many things to do since my one of my boss is here with us in PI to check on some stuff. The demand for new things and new work related stuff has been too much, it got me thinking: "are you sure?". Good thing I'm good at multi-tasking, but sometimes a little bit of help and understanding from the higher management can be helpful, instead of sending us numerous emails questioning why is this and why is that. I just need a little bit of support from other MNL higher management: anything that says "sorry but he is the only person on the floor, acting like a complete bisexual doing two tasks!" could be enough to stop them from pressuring me. There was none. None at all.

I am now imagining myself when December comes.


I'm still happy with work though. I get to see my friends, and acquaintances of course. I love the unique office atmosphere we have. Or am I just having an illusion?

Now I understand what my colleague has to go on with her daily work. I now understand her daily frustrations about the so-called demands. What happened to me this week is a good experience on my part, good thing I'm a bit prepared.


I am having this weird thought. Actually, its fear that anytime now Thet will leave us. It's bothering me. Not now, not just yet. We will still be having this Saturday's night out and teach me in handling your stuff when you get your month's off this December :-)

Get well soon.


Thank you Leandro Okabe; for helping me generate blog traffic. Again, many were enticed and somehow mesmerized with your presence your hot presence.

Your pictures helped me survive this difficult week.

They're all therapeutic!


JIMG29 said...

leandro okabe? whoise, pinoy? pls do tell!