Currently Watching


I instantly became a addicted to 'Heroes' after my office colleague lend me her DVD copy of Season 1. I never thought that genetics and geeky science could be a good ingredient in making a one hell of a show!

Desperate Housewives

Yes, I've been a fan as always. The previous racial slur thing didn't bother me much. I still love Lynette's spunk towards life and Gabrielle's fashion sense. C'mon guys, let's move on (although I got affected by the bitchy remark towards the Philippine medical peeps) and make ourselves better! By the way, my mom is a combination of Bree and Gabrielle in real life.

Prinsesa ng Banyera

Yes, I'm a fan of Kapamilya teleseryes. I got hooked with "Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos" until they moved it to the primetime slot. I had no choice but to watch the bland acting styles of Wendy Valdez in “Margarita”. (She needs one full year or acting workshop, then she can join the Goin' Bulilit cast as an intern).


Anything and everything under the sun. If something pops up in my mind, I deliberately search it in YouTube. Some of the videos I've seen over the weekend are Chris Crocker's "Leave Britney Alone" (this is uberly funny!) and Lost Evidence: Luzon (about the real score on Cabanatuan's Great Raid against the Japanese during World War II in the Philippines)

Try it, it could be a geeky and fun experience at the same time.