I want to say as much but I can't.

Me and my gay friends are enrolled in this gym. It's been a month since I enrolled with them and left my 'average joe' type gym behind. So far, I'm loving my progress. With just one month, I'm leaner and stronger than before, which I didn't get from my previous gym.

Of course, I love the company I'm with. While doing those military presses and dead lifts, we are making fun at each other, making hilarious comments coated in gayness. It feels liberating, plus it makes the life of the instructors spicier with our infectious comedy.

Today, I went alone.

And I was stucked with a gay pair who used to be the 'queens' of the barbell. According to one of my gym sources (I seldom engage in gossiping no matter how juicy it is, I won't care...nah.. sometimes I need to bite in!), they were the original screaming fags in the morning. Until we came.

Talk about stealing the crown from the princesses.

Anyway, my source said they used to play in the gym area like hide and seek (I don't know how it became possible for them to play that game), horse play inside the locker rooms, and even in the steamy sauna area. Interesting.

Okay, I was alone in the gym. With them. I just felt helpless, because I don't have the energy to pull a funny bone or remark. Instead, I became a witness of their once "royal" gym life. And I hate it. Talk about a single man's sour graping for gay couples.

I did shut my mouth, loaded my iPod onto the gym sound system, and did my lifts. Then I watched and listened to them as they converse in


This blog has been pink since 2005 (my first blog was a combination of blue and white, I was a straight guy then) and there is nothing you can do about it.

The header might look cartoon-ish, Pink Panther's probably loving the template, and I am probably admiring boys, girls, and more boys who are actually girls and vise versa. I don't mind. This whole blog may have the facade of a queer airhead. Don't be deceived.

Love it, hate it, as long as everyone reads it, I'm fine with it. Wish I have the same nerves (and neurons) to make parodies and tall tales. Maybe next time. I'll concentrate on the masses first especially to those who are thirsty for pink or better yet empowerment only sugar coated. *Isn't this blog easier to swallow?

To Mom: I told you Merriam's better than American Heritage.

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