Never been hungry in my entire life. Living all my life frail and thin for the past four years, until I enrolled myself at Eclipse 24/7 Gym, where all my lifts have been heavier than the usual. My gym instructors said its normal, and NEVER resist the temptation to eat because it is the body's normal reaction to all the 5 by 5's I've been doing. Gain mass now, tone later. Good thing, my waistline is still at 31 inches! But I still pigged-out yesterday.

Neighbors, friends, and my mom noticed the HUGE difference. I am now gaining weight. Let’s call it MASS. It sounds better.


Creative juices still low. Maybe because of too much lifting. Juices evaporated with sweat and by having too much sauna baths.


Issues from other side of the world also affected me but somehow I managed to get something positive about it.

I missed reading Cantilangnon's blog and the wonderful and humble happenings in his small town.

I am now feeding myself with new information from Talksmart's blog. Try it out! The best Filipino blog ever!

Nosebleed with Loudcloud's blog? I don't care because it is also worth it. He has inspired me so much with his witty work. Another highly recommended blog.

Ester's daily offerings are something good for the soul. Thank you for the nice badge you've given me. Bless you.


Got to get ready for work. It's Monday again.


Coldman said...

masyado ka palang health concious, good for you! It takes a lot of motivation to do that. Good luck!

Nadriamez said...

naku di naman masyado.. pero true, it takes a LOT of motivation plus yung conversion ko ng stress to motivation to do these things - very rewarding. refer to my old post.

refer to this post for more details: