aka "Product of Stress" randoms

Isn't it nice to have a plate-full of Pancit Malabon (rich flavored sauce on noodles combined with bite-size crispy liempo garnished with Baguio pechay, hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, and squid) after a 3 hour work-out consisting of progressive exercises and aero-dance?


My dog Cassie has been attacked (for the nth time) with mange. It will cost me another Php 6,000 divided into two months. Imagine holidays in debt. Hopefully not.

Time to master the readings of Byrne's "The Secret"

Positive thinking never fails.


Isn't it frustrating on your part, no matter how hard you try to explain every detail to your boss, no matter how creative the process you've done just to deliver the freaking message in a clear manner, despite the efforts, they just WON'T get it?


Tailored suits and polos are the best! Go to my tailor at Side Street Fashion at Broadway Park Townhouse in Dona Juana Rodriguez in QC. They're the best!


Mom liked my pink phone so much. One question from her that remained unanswered was "Why pink?"



You come to the office on a Tuesday shift wearing pink, and everyone else is also wearing pink! This is because this day was declared by the client a pink day.

Then everyone wanted to have a special halloween treat for lunch, guess what?

It's Pancit Malabon.


goddess said...

waah! pancit malabon!

naku, trend setter.. dahil nagpink ka, nagpink na sila! naman!

Nadriamez said...

Naku, trend setter pala!

Akala ko jet setter LOL :-)

P0ytee said...

Nice meeting you at the talk. It's so expensive to be a pet owner nowadays, especially if you're a responsible one.

mrs.j said...

...but if ur d pet... wow.. slave ang drama aaaarrrrrrrrrrrffffffffffff!!!! haha