another random

I just had my new Nokia 6120 classic last week. The sleek and simple design might fool you but this S60 smartphone's features caught my attention (thanks to my officemate Mark O.) I never had any regrets getting this one (replacing my N90) - it's one powerful phone I tell you!

I just missed the Carl Zeiss optics of my old phone.

I originally asked for the white version (because before I thought it is only available in black and white). I don't know what happened and why they gave me a different version: a pink N6120 - it is in powder pink to be exact. Maybe they smelled my 'gayness' or my inclination to the color pink. I don't know but the salesperson has this 'cute' grin on her face while salestalking me to get it.

How could I resist such temptation?

I ended up buying the powder pink finished mobile candyphone!

Here's what eZine has to say about this latest addition to the N6120 series:

"Pink version comes with an almost 'powder pink' casing. This is a serious marketing ploy... to gain more female customers, pink phones are a large chunk of the mobile phones market and most if not all retailers now stock them.."

To gain more female customers?
Duh, the hell I care. :-) It gained my attention and my taste for the color pink!