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Do I look like I'm enjoying it? Yes! (Only a bit disoriented)

The bag on the post below is indeed my blood. My gay blood :-)

A fellow blogger and officemate Rocker Lexi asked few of our friends if they could donate blood for his father who will undergo surgery on November 8. I immediately asked details about it and learned that her father is scheduled to have his procedure taken at St. Luke's Medical Center. I confidently said yes to this very noble act. (Thanks Ruff!)

Why confident? The blood bank of SLMC knows that the blood in my veins is indeed worthy for donation. I've been donating blood there since college, but only this time it was after my evening shift. I also passed the screening process I had online. Few of the questions there was "Did you engaged yourself in any sexual activity within 24 hours with or without condom?".

My answer is no. If there was an opportunity for me to answer it in detail, I could've answered: "No, haven't had any in 4 years".

Anyway, I always see this practice as a good deed to help anyone in need of blood. This practice should never be an income generating habit. If you want to be a donor, or if you want to be an autologous donor perhaps, you may visit SLMC's Blood Donor Center in Cathedral Heights QC.

Workforce on the PINK side!
Yesterday's theme was all PINK! I loooooove this day :-)


mrs.j said...

wow first to comment!


i never had d chance na magdonate ever ksi una takot ako! 2nd takot ako! 3rd takot talaga ako! haha

so precious blood k pla ha! and plz d statement!

"4 years!" haha!!! neng nata na yan! no... kaong!! haha choz! tc!

goddess said...

sa buddhist org ko meron blood donation day sa red cross..

nagpunta ako dun JUST to grace the event and HINDI para magpakuha ng dugo..

nanghihina kasi ako sa ganyang scenario!

at ang malala, while my friends are filling the questionnaire, panalo ang mga tanong.. parang ganyan sayo! meron pa about homosexual acts, hired/paid for sex! waah!!

Migs, the Manila Gay Guy said...

"... haven't had any in 4 years"

Wow! Nahiya naman ako dun. Are you serious, James? Parang ayaw kong maniwala. What's keeping you chaste?

PINKisthenewBLACK said...

MIGS: Yes, its true :-) What's keeping me chaste these days? That you'll have to know! Hehehehe

Lexi Lorenzana said...

thaaaank you James for helping me :) on behalf of my family, THANK YOU!!

God Bless!!!