I only had 3 hours of sleep today due to unknown reasons, despite the fact that it rained the whole day. It's nice to sleep especially during cold weather. I was unlucky today to get a snooze.

Still, I felt blessed.

While preparing myself for work, I was tuned in to "Deal or No Deal". The contestant last night was had a speech defect. He somehow inspired me with his unbounded faith that 3 million pesos inside the briefcase #5, which according to him was a sign from his dead brother. After a series of haggling with the banker, the offer went up to 1.2 million pesos. Kris Aquino, although sometimes irritating, told him to make that "deal", because his Php 362.00 minimum wage is nothing compared to the offer. Php 1.2 million can change his life just like that. She was right. With two briefcases left, Php 400 and Php 3 million is still on the screen. Kris smashed his belief and made the deal. I felt tremendously happy for the guy after opening his briefcase with Php 400. He won the deal making him the 8th millionaire!

On the way to the office, the sidewalks were full of stranded people. Every jeepney is full of passengers, wanting to go home and rest for the days work. Halfway my route to work, I saw a Honda CRV stopped by 6 students. He offered them a lift.

That made me tremendously happy.

At work, I felt unproductive because I was yawning and stealing snoozes from my boss. That was not a kind act for the organization at all.

This day was again, stressful.

I took my last break downstairs and saw my colleagues helping a guy walk. He had a sprain from a previous basketball game. I just stared at them because I don't know what to do to ease his pain. It just touched my heart when I saw one of them hailing a txai for the guy. The taxi stopped by the stairs, since the injured guy can't get up by himself, a guy carried him with his arms down the stairs and into the taxi. Everyone cheered, thought it was a gay idea. Yeah, its a gay idea but again, very touching.

How I wish everyone in the world makes at least one act of random kindness everyday. It would spark my idea of a peaceful and lovely world.

World peace everyone!