*note: to my relatives around the world, especially to my mom. keep this to yourself after reading it. huwag agad husgahan si ate, tao lang, may needs din :-)

My weekend was a blast! After winning the Filipino Blog of the Week (thanks to Talksmart!) my social life is now up in the mainstream, of course only in the Internet!

Two days of solitude and self-home confinement which included sleeping, eating, blogging, and meeting up with some long lost friends.

This is the break that I've been longing for!

The past week was the shortest (due to US Labor Day holiday) but definitely the MOST TOXIC and MOST STRESSFUL week ever! There were few new things introduced to us, and lots and lots of adjustments, intrigue, and quite traumatic mishaps.

One of the things that I want to share to you guys is a very surprising revelation from one of our helpers at home. Before, she used to say to me, every time we talk about her hometown Samar and the telenovela-like happenings between her and their very rich relatives in their humble island, that she once had an experience with bad rumors about her. In her hometown, people believed she had a fling, or a new flame.

Well, you know the people in the province. All they do is fix themselves in front of many people and spend time talking about the lives of other people. Making rumors and listening to hearsays are very barriotic things na hindi dapat dinadala sa kanayunan. Na-chismis kasing may bago siyang kasintahan kapalit ng una niyang asawa. So she left for Manila to work as a helper to end the issue. She's now in her late 40's and most of her children are now working. She's now a grandmother of 2 cute kids.

Yesterday, after having a serious talk about home politics between her and grandma, she decided to change the topic to something else. Sabi niya kasi, mag day-off daw siya next month to help her "pamangkin" apply for abroad. I said okay. Then she handed me her wallet and showed me this picture below.

She said, "Hindi ko yan pamangkin, boyfriend ko yan...joke!"

I just stared at her and said: "Wag mo nga akong lokohin, jokes are half meant!"

After stating that, she blushed to point that she turned so red feel ko mag explode ang mukha niya! Nahuli ko si ate! Ikinaloka ko ng husto ang mga sumunod na revelation niya pero konti lang ilalagay ko. The guy is almost my age, he's just 22! So the rumors that spread before (that previously caused a fight with a co-helper who happens to be her relative) were true.

I just said to her that she's lucky that at her age she still have these exciting love life. Akala ko boring ang buhay nila, hindi pala. As for me, I am envious of her still-flourishing love life. Nadaig pa ako!

PS: In furnezz may itsura!


ester said...

hahahahha... like that story.. wag kang patalbog. it's about time.. go out and have fun.. who knows nandiyan lang sa tabi tabi!!