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It’s nice when you get to keep in touch with your long lost friends and acquaintances. A friend/fellow blogger of mine Thet, suggested something that will help me gain support (since I am and I am still quite speechless about the recent nomination I received from The Composed Gentleman himself) for me to again, snatch a place in the hearts of my fellow Filipino bloggers.

Yeah, shameless plugs here and there especially in Friendster alone, where currently I have 600+ friends from childhood days and school days. I also posted few announcements to few of my clans. Being nominated is quite costly; I even texted few of my friends. Luckily for me, there are unlimited text services provided by Globe and Smart.

Sunday I posted the "plug". The message contains words like "newly resurrected blog" and the "pink comeback with a blast". I love the Friendster bulletin board now!

I don't mind if my connections will read the plug, at least I tried. As I've said, it already an honor to be nominated given the fact that I just returned to the blogging world recently.

And boy oh boy! My PM's in different plug portals were full the next day. And my numbers are now on a high thanks to the ever-shameless tactics. I also felt happy for the fact that some of them are my friends from the past; some of them thought that I would never have a blog like this one. Now, my blog is now in the open. This is the consequence of my actions, for this blog will never be private, ever!

Hope it gets a Rated B, way better than a GP :-)

Before I end this post and return to my office duties, a big THANKS to everyone who I made contact again after so many years. Thanks to the gentleman who made the nomination possible, as this gave way in making my online life exciting and meaningful at the same time. 3 days to go and til the end of week 72!

another plug

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