To express my long-time frustration of being a photographer, here are some photo essays I would like to share with you guys.

My Lhasa Apso Dog - Cassie
Hey dear Cassie,
Why do you have to be SO cute all the time?
It's effortless and we know it so please stop it!
The fact that everyone in the family adores you more than me and my other dog Craig (he's also cute).
What the f*** are you doing girl? Showing your pink tongue won't push me to get you a life partner.
Even if you stained my pants with your menstruation last month to show to me that you are a full-fledged bitch.
Like my other dog Craig, we will forever be virgins.
Damn you cute dog, damn you!
x x x

Love Lots,
Your Master

two candles - in our church
I bet you guys started burning 30 minutes ago.
I know you're just a hefty 5-peso candle bought from a nearby store.
You're probably burning for the prayers your master requested,
may you give light to it.
Make it happen!
Or else you will burn.. oh well, you already did!

a blurry picture of the Marikina Public Market - a pink market!
I wonder what are these people thinking about?
Seeing a drunk guy taking a random shot of the pink market, accompanied by
a high school friend.
Ah! They are expecting an out-of-focus picture.
Yeah, they're right!